Making your site Search Engine Friendly

If you have had a web site up for a while you know a couple of things already.

1. It is not easy to have your site listed in the top 10 Google search Results.

2. There are plenty of companies that will sell you a service for hundreds or even thousands of dollars per month to make that happen for you. (We suggest you don’t take them up on the offer.)

With the web growing at the rate of an estimated 1 billion pages per day, that is a lot of competition. And many of these people are trying to just be ahead of you and your site.

With PaulgDesigns, we employ some simple tricks of the trade to help you to get found, all without spending a ton of money, and all included in every web site we design.

Meta Tag Me

Meta tags are simple tags of code that all web sites have. Back in the beginning there was talk of color coding your meta tags so the blend in but the search engines find you. But the tooth fairy debunked that one. For the most part, meta keyword tags are meaningless, however there is a meta tag called the “description” meta tag that is very important. Google search engines read this tag on all sites the crawl.

Meta tags will not insure that you get found, but it does not hurt to put them in, and it does not cost you any extra money! At least not with PaulgDesigns!

Submit Me

Included with every PaulgDesign web site is your site being submitted to the major search engines. More important, we employ methods that make it easy for the search engine spiders and bots to find you.

Feed the Spiders

All search engines have little search bots or spiders that scour the web looking for content. These little search engines find new sites and sites that have been modified to put the data in their databases. Some things the spiders like, some things they don’t. One of the favorite meals of the spider is the XML Sitemap Page. Basically it is a page written in XML that tells the spiders and bots what your site consists of in terms of pages.

Included with all PaulgDesigns web sites is an XML Sitemap page to feed the spiders.

Pay Per Click

Rightly or wrongly, Pay Per Click (PPC) has gotten a bad rap. Be it that the providers of PPC have evolved or the accounts were mismanaged, this is one vehicle of advertising that should be looked at for all web sites.

Horror stories of site owners running up thousands of dollars a month in advertising fees are being replaced with success stories of owners spending little and getting a big return.

Drop us a note and find out how you can control your advertising budget and rack up the rewards

Manage Your Own Site

The latest statistics show that 46% of all web sites are managed by the companies that own them, however many times the responsibility of managing these sites is put on current employees that may not have professional or even hands on experience at the design and/or management of such an important asset.

It is not uncommon to see questions posted on various web design help boards from individuals that had just been handed the responsibility of their companies web site.

We have a solution

PaulgDesigns offers design and tutorial services so that we could provide you with a design, and also provide you with the instructions or support to maintain your own site. This would reduce the initial cost of a new or redesigned site plus give you complete control over its progress and maintenance.

You would now enjoy a custom designed web site, along with the ability for yourself or your employees to make additions, changes and even new pages, all with help being a phone call away

Web Site Update & Repair

Do you have a site that has just a few issues that you would like to have change? Maybe your site has fallen out of step with the times and now longer shows well in the latest versions of browsers.

Many times paulgdesigns can go into your existing site and make modifications and upgrades without having to overhaul and create a new site or design.

Has your web designer moved on? No one to keep up with the changing information you want your customers and perspective customers to see? Like to keep your your photo’s current?

Would you like the ability to make updates and changes to your site without having to rely on a web designer?

Warwick Fire Arms

The owner of Warwick Firearms had there original site designed by a one size fits all hosting company. They charged him to create the site, then charged him a monthly fee. When the monthly fee went up to $100, he asked for help.

We redesigned his site and migrated it over to his own hosting account, saving him well over $1,000 per year on hosting fees alone, plus, we set it up so he was able to update his inventory pages on his own and without any further cost.

Because of how we designed his new site, he experienced an increase in traffic of over 600% within the first month of our launch.

Call or write to see how we can help you.

Free Web Site Evaluation

We offer a free review of your existing web site. We take advantage os several testing services available that inspect your site for non-compliance as well as internet protocol guidelines. We will look at it from several directions:

  • Technical Compatibility
  • Functionality of the site
  • Marketing

We will review your site free of charge, in some cases we will make recommendations that you can implement yourself. In other cases we would be happy to submit a proposal for repairing, or if need be, re-designing your web site

There is no obligation, it is free, painless and we do not put you on a mailing list

Is your current web site hurting you?

Having a Web Site does not always have the positive effect you were hoping for!

With technology and the web evolving at its current rate, it is no longer acceptable just to have a web site. It is at the point that just having a web site thrown up, or one that is out of date, can cause you more harm than good.

Many people will not do business with you if you do not have a web site, and that number is growing. But now, as consumers, your customers and potential customers become more web savvy, it is no longer just a space for you to throw information about your company in a find able form and expect them to come in droves.

How many web sites have you visited, found it to be a massive text page or huge slow loading pictures or confusing to the point you can’t get a simple answer and clicked out? Do you think your visitors would treat you any different?

Remember, today, right now, your web site is the largest and most available tool for shaping the image of your company to your customers (and potential customers). If your image is old and out of date, it will do more harm than good. You may be chasing away customers, some who have found you by way of other advertising that you have paid for.

Having a web site that looks old and out of date makes your company look old and out of date.

If your current web site is older than 2 years, you want to look at a facelift. If your site is older than 4 years, its time to trade it in! We all know what an old site looks like, does yours fit into that category?

Having a current, up to date site can do wonders for your image, your customer base and your bottom line.

And you really don’t need to break the bank with your site, it does however need to talk to your customers, it does need to look professional and it does need to work!