The paulg difference!

With over 30 years of experience in sales and marketing and over 5 years experience in web site design, we tend to look at things more from a “how do we make it succeed” rather than a “how do I make it look”.

When planning your web site, we start with the primary goal of the site. Most web sites have one of three primary goals

  • Create or gather a lead
  • Bring in a (new) customer to your place of business
  • Sell a product directly from the web site

We don’t want to sell your product if your goal is to gather a lead, we want to “sell the action ” of them picking up the phone, filling out your form and hitting submit, or just e-mailing you.

Secondary Goals

Building and bolstering your image is always a goal. If your site looks old and incompetent, then so does your company.

Help to find and keep talent. Web sites are terribly underutilized in retention of employees. The cost of using your companies web site to help make key employees feel part of the team cost next to nothing, but can return huge rewards!

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