Web Site Update & Repair

Do you have a site that has just a few issues that you would like to have change? Maybe your site has fallen out of step with the times and now longer shows well in the latest versions of browsers.

Many times paulgdesigns can go into your existing site and make modifications and upgrades without having to overhaul and create a new site or design.

Has your web designer moved on? No one to keep up with the changing information you want your customers and perspective customers to see? Like to keep your your photo’s current?

Would you like the ability to make updates and changes to your site without having to rely on a web designer?

Warwick Fire Arms

The owner of Warwick Firearms had there original site designed by a one size fits all hosting company. They charged him to create the site, then charged him a monthly fee. When the monthly fee went up to $100, he asked for help.

We redesigned his site and migrated it over to his own hosting account, saving him well over $1,000 per year on hosting fees alone, plus, we set it up so he was able to update his inventory pages on his own and without any further cost.

Because of how we designed his new site, he experienced an increase in traffic of over 600% within the first month of our launch.

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