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Web Sites Cost Too Much.

While technically that is not a question, it is a feeling many small business owners share. Perhaps they investigated having a site and were quoted some price that seemed out of line. This is not uncommon.

But..if you spend money on yellow pages or mailers or newspaper ads of even radio or yard signs, by not having a web site you are missing out on the opportunity to continue “talking” to that customer that experienced the other advertising that you paid for, in other words, you are short changing all of your advertising efforts..

Statistics show that web site activity enjoys a huge spike in visits right after a mailer of other form of advertising hits. And many people, after reading your ad, don’t find a web address to gather more information about you, …typically hey move on to someone that does.

But having a web site is surprisingly inexpensive, call or write to get a quote.

My current web designer says that meta tags are useless, do you agree?

If your current web designer does not have meta tags in your site, without a doubt FIRE THEM! All sites should have meta tags, keywords and descriptions …period!

I have read a number of opinions and articles on the subject, and every one that I have ever read that says the meta tag is useless, without exception they all have included meta tags in their own sites.

Now they can be misused, and their value today is not what is once was, however the totality of time required to insert these into your site is not over 5 minutes. Why would you possibly not take 5 minutes to help your web site to be found?

Meta tags, keywords and descriptions are codes that are inserted into a web site that search engine bots and spiders read to catalog a site into the search engine databases.