Making your site Search Engine Friendly

If you have had a web site up for a while you know a couple of things already.

1. It is not easy to have your site listed in the top 10 Google search Results.

2. There are plenty of companies that will sell you a service for hundreds or even thousands of dollars per month to make that happen for you. (We suggest you don’t take them up on the offer.)

With the web growing at the rate of an estimated 1 billion pages per day, that is a lot of competition. And many of these people are trying to just be ahead of you and your site.

With PaulgDesigns, we employ some simple tricks of the trade to help you to get found, all without spending a ton of money, and all included in every web site we design.

Meta Tag Me

Meta tags are simple tags of code that all web sites have. Back in the beginning there was talk of color coding your meta tags so the blend in but the search engines find you. But the tooth fairy debunked that one. For the most part, meta keyword tags are meaningless, however there is a meta tag called the “description” meta tag that is very important. Google search engines read this tag on all sites the crawl.

Meta tags will not insure that you get found, but it does not hurt to put them in, and it does not cost you any extra money! At least not with PaulgDesigns!

Submit Me

Included with every PaulgDesign web site is your site being submitted to the major search engines. More important, we employ methods that make it easy for the search engine spiders and bots to find you.

Feed the Spiders

All search engines have little search bots or spiders that scour the web looking for content. These little search engines find new sites and sites that have been modified to put the data in their databases. Some things the spiders like, some things they don’t. One of the favorite meals of the spider is the XML Sitemap Page. Basically it is a page written in XML that tells the spiders and bots what your site consists of in terms of pages.

Included with all PaulgDesigns web sites is an XML Sitemap page to feed the spiders.

Pay Per Click

Rightly or wrongly, Pay Per Click (PPC) has gotten a bad rap. Be it that the providers of PPC have evolved or the accounts were mismanaged, this is one vehicle of advertising that should be looked at for all web sites.

Horror stories of site owners running up thousands of dollars a month in advertising fees are being replaced with success stories of owners spending little and getting a big return.

Drop us a note and find out how you can control your advertising budget and rack up the rewards